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Pottery made at Blackhills, near Elgin, in the North of Scotland, fired in a 64 cubic foot wood-fired kiln. The emphasis is on simple, functional, country pottery for everyday use.

Pots in exposed parts of the kiln show the effects of wood ash landing on unglazed surfaces (known as flashing); for this reason, many of them are left unglazed or part-glazed.

The glazes used on the pots are usually simple mixtures of locally dug clay, vegetable ash and feldspar. Although unsophisticated, these glazes can be very beautiful, sometimes producing unexpected bonuses such as the blue “chun” glazes seen on some of the pots. Current favourites amongst the glazes are those derived from birch and rhododendron ashes and these have been much used on the domestic ware in the showroom.

The showroom usually has a good selection of pots for sale and is open by appointment. It is about two hundred yards from the pottery. Visitors are welcome but should telephone first to let us know that they are coming.

Telephone numbers:

Workshop 01343 842246

mobile 07780680748

home 01343 842223

John Christie, Blackhills House, By Elgin, Moray.  IV30 8QU

e-mail: john@blackhillspottery.co.uk

map of Moray showing Blackhills

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