Etsy Shop


October 4, 2014 by scotpotter

3 thoughts on “Etsy Shop

  1. gz says:

    I’ve been on etsy for a while. The latest development of them allowing mass produced articles that are designed by the etsy member is worrying. Many of us have had reduced “footfall” since then.
    Still, the best of luck with the venture! I must refill my shop…..

    • scotpotter says:

      Artist-craftspeople will not easily sell individual pieces in competition with mass produced items. I hope that if Etsy go down that road, some public spirited soul will produce a new outlet which will cater to shoppers who are looking for individual hand made work. I thought that I would try Etsy because it seemed an easy way to sell pots to people that could not get to the showroom. I would much rather they came here and spent time with pots in their hands – but we are in a (slightly lost) corner in the north east of Scotland!

      • gz says:

        etsy seems the easiest one to navigate, so far. I don’t know why people are willing to buy what they cannot handle…but thankfully they do!

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